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Doug Rollo
via Google

Excellent class, great workout, friendly staff!

Omar Rosales
via Google

This place is awesome ! Great instructors, who are kid friendly. My son who is 5 going 6 and is usually shy gets excited every time he gets to go to class. Mike and the rest of the staff are highly recommended by our family.

Judy Lanfranco
via Google

Very welcoming, kids are very happy.

Aliza Latif
via Google

This is a very welcoming place to be, each staff member is very considerate and determined to teach each individual, techniques that help in the real world. They push you to do your best and to give it your all. I would definitely recommend this place for people willing to take time out to learn self defense moves. It’s worth the time and money!!

Joshua Mojica
via Google

Amazing! It's what I'm looking for!

Sam B
via Google

Today was my first day of class and finally took the hardest step of beginning. Immediately, once I walked in, I felt like family. I had the pleasure of working with coach Mike, who made me feel encouraged as well as motivated. Not only is it an unbelievable workout but already I have learned so much and look forward to learning anything and everything I can. If you are looking for something to help defend yourself or even just something to take your mind off things and work for something this is definitely the place to go. Classmates were encouraging and innovative martial arts is definitely somewhere I now consider home and will definitely return to!

Sid Fein
via Google

Great combination of physical workout, self-defense, discipline and fun!

Maria Garcia
via Google

First day and it went really well. I got a workout in for the first 15 mins, then we got into it and I learned a lot. It wasn't overwhelming, we had a lot time to practice and the instructor Mike was there to correct my form. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Walter Negrelli
via Google

I just started practicing Krav again and these guys beat my a$$ real good. High intensity work outs and hands on training. Highly recommended!

Dilcia Pineda
via Google

Thank you for teaching my son, and I’m happy that your training my son good. I hope he’s take short steps to be successful at martial arts, to defend himself and I recommend this place.

Edgar Mejia
via Google

Very kind and encouraging. So patient. Definitely going to keep going.

Jennifer Elmasry
via Google

Just started a program for 2 children at Innovative Martial Arts, and so far so good. My children love it, the place is organized, clean, and includes great learning skills for children of all ages.

Katrina Yevoli
via Google

I’ve only had one class so far but my experience was great. I was totally lost a few times but the instructor kept assuring me and kept my confidence up. I also didn’t just get thrown into a class with more experienced people, I had one on one time with an instructor to learn a few things which helped me not feel completely lost amongst the group.

They’ve also reached out to me to see how my experience was and how I was feeling.. can’t wait to go back.

Kim Gray
via Google

Both of my sons started here about a month ago and we are so pleased! This is a very well run program with
multiple instructors at each class so that each child is truly able to learn and does not get lost.
The instructors are patient and very attentive to the children!

Janice Alley
via Google

I was unsure how I would do in this type of group class. Now that I have tried it (only once) I am hooked. I wasn't intimated & not 1 minute did I feel uncomfortable. I encourage all women to give it a try.

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